The Strategy is in our Name !!!

Timbrian Europe N.V. is a dynamic company specializing in sales and international purchases of both (Hard)wood profiles and basic (Hard)wood mouldings.

We source, support and represent manufacturers across the globe, primarily in Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia) and South America (Brazil and Chile) as well as North America (USA and Canada).

We are able to support effectively both ends of the supply chain through our partner offices in Singapore, U.S.A. and Brazil. We are in day-to-day contact with the supplying manufacturers and together with our own graders and inspectors, we have created a network to monitor and support the production and final end chain delivery.

We supply and distribute these profiled and moulded products throughout the European continental markets, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany.

The word Timbrian is an Old English verb. (Old English was spoken 450 AD to 1100 AD) The verb “timbrian” in Old English has the same meaning as the verb “to build” in Modern English. In those days houses were mainly built of timber and timber products.

The very name of our company symbolizes our strategy and goal. We, at Timbrian Europe N.V., make it our business to build and maintain long term relationships with our customers as well as our shippers and suppliers, for the sourcing and supply of high grade timber and timber products.

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Timbrian Europe N.V.
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