The reliable partner for worldwide wood suppliers and European buyers

Our core business is sourcing and supply of sawn timber, high-grade hardwood profiles, mouldings and garden-timber products. Through a worldwide network of suppliers and exclusive partners we service and unburden our customers with the entire supply chain management of wood products, including the entire due diligence process.


Our strengths


Global sourcing

We source, support and represent manufacturers from across the globe. This enables us as a global service-provider to guarantee a constant supply of high-quality wood.


Experience & service

For over 20 years Timbrian has been providing high quality products and excellent service to global partners. We serve and relieve our clients by taking care of the entire supply chain process; so no need to worry about logistics, administration nor due diligence matters.


Worldwide distribution network

Timbrian has exclusive partner offices in Asia, North and South America and West Africa. Together with our own graders and inspectors, we are in daily contact with our suppliers and monitor the entire production process until delivery.


Long lasting relationships

We strive to build and maintain long term relationships with shippers, as well as our customers. With over 20 years of experience we have learned that trust and reliability is the foundation of successful relationships.


Certified partner & timber

Timbrian is FSC® en PEFC™ certified. We provide sawn timber and finished profiles originating from certified well-managed forests. Being FSC® en PEFC™ certified Timbrian operates in full compliance with EUTR standards.


Environmental responsibility

As it is a must to take care of the environment, Timbrian is committed as a FSC® en PEFC™ member to a long-term approach to caring of this and provides timber originating from certified, well-managed forests.

Exclusive partner offices

World map offices

In need of high-quality hardwood and confidently outsourcing the entire logistic process? Let us help you out.